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Interracial marriage

Aim: think carefully before marrying with others.


Hello, I am Nguyen Thi Thien from AVK3A. I’m very happy to be here and talk about what will happen to most of people when they grow up. It’s Marriage. May I ask you ‘Will you marry with someone you love?’ I think it’s easy to say yes. But please let me ask you ‘will you get married with someone of different race?’ It’s not easy to say yes this time I think. Nowadays, interracial marriage is increasingly common. However, several interracial couples may not be happy with their marriage if they don’t carefully think of difficulties they have to face. In my speech, I am presenting three considerable challenges to couples in interracial marriage: culture, children, and their parents.


What is interracial marriage?

Some of you may wonder ‘What is interracial marriage?’ It is marriage between two people from different countries or different races.


Challenges of interracial marriage


I know it is wonderful when you can find someone special and different to fall in love with. But, before you come to marry, you should discuss some possible challenges you will face in your interracial marriage.



First, I would like to mention culture. Culture may be the biggest challenge to interracial couples. Because people are brought up in different ways, they have different thoughts, views and customs.

It’s clear that there are a lot of differences between eastern customs and those of the west. For instance, Vietnamese families are close knit even when the person leaves the house to start their own life. Yet in America, after puberty, the person leaves the house and earns their living. In fact, individuality is the theme of the western culture. While in other cultures, individuality is disapproved and in some cases completely covered in the family unit. Therefore, a Chinese woman may be shocked when she finds her English husband’s family rather cold and distant. In addition, the view of the marriage relationship and the role of the husband and the wife are also different. The woman from an Asian country often prefers the role of housewife with no aspirations for her own career. What should she do if her western husband would like her to work and supplement the family income? Moreover, in some countries, there still exist specific roles of husbands and wives in marriage. While in other countries, some of these roles gradually disappear. Interracial differences are not simply as the observable differences such as complexions, hair styles, eyes and noses. Above all, they are racial and cultural differences. These differences would put pressure on the marriage relationship if couples don’t acknowledge such differences to understand each other.



Second, I would talk about children. Children are an unavoidable challenge to couples because they are the fruits of the interracial marriage. In raising such children, the parents may encounter the difficulties of how to teach them who they are and make them embrace both cultures. The couples could make a compelling argument for the way their children are brought up because they have the different expectations of the children. For instant, a Korean mother would like her children to be close to the family as much as possible. While an American father would prefer his children to be independent as soon as possible. In addition, the interracial parents may have much trouble with their children’s confidence in the society. Several people in the society may wonder who interracial children are and where they belong to. These children may endure the curious gaze from others and feel no confidence to communicate. Children are flowers of parents’ love. Children can make an interracial marriage happier. And also, children can break an interracial marriage in the case the interracial parents fail in an attempt to guide them.  



Finally, I would like to mention the parents of the interracial couples. The parents of the interracial couples may be a challenge to them at very first days. Before getting married, most of couples come to their parents and ask for the permission. Unfortunately, not most of parents agree their children to get married with someone out of their race or country. The reason they object is that they feel themselves losing their children. When a person is entering such a relationship, the parents would think he or she is trying to deny the heritage. That they allow their children to be in an interracial marriage means they allow their children to lose the culture and identity. On the contrary, some parents allow their children to be in an interracial marriage. Even if this happens, these interracial couples might have difficulties integrating with the family life of their partner. The interracial marriage between Korean husband and Vietnamese wife, for example, may not be happy although they obtain their parents’ permission. Many of Vietnamese wives have to get divorced because of the prejudice of the Korean husbands’ family. It’s clear that the parents can be a major obstacle for the interracial couples.   


In short, there have existed three significant challenges to interracial couples such as culture, children, and their parents. Yet, interracial marriage is increasingly popular. All what couples have to do is learning challenges and ways to communicate and understand the differences between the two of them. I would like to leave you with this question: will you decide to be in interracial marriage without the care of some possible challenges?